Tuition and Fees

The Core Work:

Classes are $1,100.00 per year ($550.00 per semester). Most classes run for 2 semesters, unless they are .5 credit. Each semester is 18 weeks. The elementary block is $1,800.00 ($900.00 per semester).

Registration is $100.00 per student. If your student is on a scholarship (PEP, FES-UA, etc.), there is a $275.00 scholarship registration fee.

Supply/lab fees are $60.00 per class per year. The Culinary Class supply fee is $150.00 for the year ($75.00 per semester).


The Electives:

Private tutoring is available for any student who needs individual attention from a tutor. Any age, any subject. Applies to public or private school students. Fees are as follows: Elementary, Middle and High School is $70.00 per hour; College is $80.00 per hour. Prepay for four sessions and receive a 10% discount!