About Us

Our History

With twenty years and seven children between their families, Patti and Sarah have successfully navigated public, private, home school and college. Patti has single-handedly raised five outrageously bright home schooled students who have excelled at challenging academic course loads, graduating high school with several dual enrollment credits. Sarah has two daughters of her own, one who graduated from College Academy at BC earning her high school diploma and AA degree at the same time, and one who was able to maintain her home schooled status while participating in culinary arts and sports at her local zoned high school. The H.U.B. was established as a centralized location where they could share their expertise and resources with students and families from all backgrounds.

Our Vision 

Our vision is for the H.U.B. to meet all of your student's educational needs.The H.U.B. offers classes for home schooled students, from elementary through high school. Classes include core academic credits such as Language Arts, Social Sciences, Natural Sciences, High School English I-IV, Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus. We also have electives like Debate, Psychology and Life Management. Private, group and guided tutoring is also available in all subjects. And when your student is done with their academics, or just need to take a break, they are welcome to meet in the H.U.B. lounge area to visit with their friends.