Schedule of Classes

2023-2024 Annual Schedule


Monday, August 14, 2023: Classes start; 1st Semester
Monday, September 4, 2023: Closed for Labor Day Holiday
November 20-24, 2023: Closed for Thanksgiving Break
December 25, 2023-January 5, 2024: Closed for Christmas Break
Monday, January 8, 2024: Start of 2nd Semester
March 25-29, 2024: Closed for Spring Break
Friday, May 17, 2024: Last Day of Classes. End of 2nd Semester

Please note: we are not closed for various Federal holidays that traditionally fall on Mondays, except for Labor Day in September; classes will be held. However, if your student is absent due to observance of a holiday, he or she may make up any missed work at a later date, or the parent may choose to excuse the student from the assignment. The only other time we would be closed would be if Broward County Schools close due to inclement weather.


Enrollment Documents

Please complete these forms. Forms can be mailed, emailed, or delivered in person. Registration must include an emergency contact other than the person completing the form. The form must also be signed and notarized. Registration is on a first come-first served basis.


2023-2024 Enrollment Documents

2023-2024 Class Schedule

2023-2024 Annual Schedule