Registration fee is $75.00 per student.

Supply/lab fee: $50.00 per student per class per year. This covers IXL online fees, lab supplies, copying fees, etc.

Classes are $900 per year ($450 per semester). Most classes run for 2 semesters, unless they are .5 credit. Each semester is 18 weeks.  The elementary block is $1700 ($750.00 per semester). 


The Extras:

H.U.B. Help – for students enrolled in classes at The H.U.B. $10.00 for 30 minutes. We want to encourage your students to be in class on time, to be prepared, and to pay attention in class. Your student will have their instructor’s attention for 90 minutes. We also want to encourage your students to form study groups where they can learn from each other and learn valuable interaction skills. If your student still needs help, their instructor will be available, but like any professional, should be compensated for their time. Anything beyond the 30 minutes will be charged the private tutoring rate of $40.

Chemistry Help Session - Available for 45 minutes prior to class at $50 per semester or $15 to drop in as needed.

Tuition and Fees

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